Zero to Fifty-Five

(Written upon request of Mr. Knowitall’s “Flash-55” prompt. The guidelines call for stories with exactly 55 words.)

Zero to Fifty-Five

Behind the barn,
five pairs
of horses and riders
set off
at a brisk canter.

Left behind,
I cued my mare,
and she exploded,

A whirlwind of dust
followed us,
as we thundered past
on the mile track.

Once I knew
that we would live,
I loved it.

When can we ride together again?

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  1. That was fantastic! I love it!

    Just popped over from G-man's to read your 55.

  2. Linda...
    Very nicely done my dear!
    All of you Helium chicks are awfully talented!!
    Thanks for playing...
    And I do hope that you make this part of your Friday routine from now on.....Galen



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