Zemaitukas – A-Z Intriguing Horse Breeds in Pictures

Originally from Lithuania, the Zemaitukas stands between 13 and 14 hands high, leading to debates about whether it is a horse or a pony. The lineages of these hardy equines may include Konik, Tarpan, and Arabian contributions. Today’s Trakehner horses may have some Zemaitukas ancestry. 

The Zemaitukas has been used for riding, driving, and farm work.

 by Tocekas
 Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. Congratulations on reaching Z!
    It's hard to imagine this little guy contributing to trakehner, they're so much bigger! But I love his coloring, I'm already partial to buckskin and dun, but look at those dapples...

  2. Love your horse posts - so glad you found me - I'll be reading all of your posts on those gorgeous horses! We live out in the country north of San Antonio, TX and are fortunate to have horse lovers all around us - no traffic so many of our neighbors ride their horses up and down our streets!
    Congratulations on finishing! @Door2LoreSue
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  3. I have so enjoyed your horse images. Gave you a linkback on this post

  4. Had no idea there were so many different breeds of horses.

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