Z is for Zipping Up for a Zigzag in the Zoup

Z is for Zipping Up for a Zigzag in the Zoup.

Zedonk may be a cross between a zebra and a donkey, but it’s also the sound you make soon after climbing upon a horse in a spiffy new pair of leather full-seat breeches or custom chaps on a muddy day.

Zoom. And zplat.

And that’s the end of those stylish riding clothes. Bet ya feel like a zadonk now!

The Mane Point is participating again in the April A to Z blogging challenge, posting daily with alphabetical entries.

For this year's A-Z event, a month of posts will offer Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship, with all due apologies to the original Murphy of Murphy’s Law,  which basically said, "If anything can go wrong, it probably will."

Horse lovers may have heard some of these uncannily true, yet often ironic, statements in various forms in the past. Or not.

Western flair
Smithsonian Institute vintage photo 
public domain
Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship
Adapted from public domain clipart

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  1. Love it! I think that zplat was the sound that I made the last time I was riding. I went zplat so many times that my horse thought it was my name!! Wow, haven't been riding for awhile but can almost smell the horses from your blog. Love that smell. Thank you, Linda Ann.

  2. Cute! I'd love to go horse riding one of these days.

  3. I really love your blog!

    visiting from A~Z

  4. I guess that would zap the colors out of those zippy outfits. Yay, we finished!




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