H is for Halter Havoc

Halters are not equipment, but equine toys. 

Or perhaps horsey bait.

Nope. Halters aren’t bait when humans are trying to catch their horses in turnout. But halters surely do attract other horses – just like brand-new blankets and fly masks do.

Just watch ‘em in the pasture. No, over there – in the gelding pasture.

‘Nuff said.

The Mane Point is participating again in the April A to Z blogging challenge, posting daily with alphabetical entries.

For this year's A-Z event, a month of posts will offer Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship, with all due apologies to the original Murphy of Murphy’s Law,  which basically said, "If anything can go wrong, it probably will."

Horse lovers may have heard some of these uncannily true, yet often ironic, statements in various forms in the past. Or not.
Halter Tag by Vinay Deep 
Creative Commons Licensing Photos
  Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship
Adapted from public domain clipart
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  1. I so want a horse! Our neighbor has two, one that I want desperately. She's a part draft named Doll. Thanks for sharing the info and pics. I will have to start studying for when I CAN get one.

  2. This is what my two schnauzers do to each other, tugging on their collars!



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