F is for Falling off - Turf-y's A-Z Rules of Horsemanship

Falling off a horse, particularly a flying horse, requires a particular skill.

As such, the most experienced equestrians always seem to land on the same body parts. Old injuries tend to be a particular magnet for the ground.

You know that sore  elbow? Boom!

Remember the knee that’s nearly healed from three arthroscopic surgeries? Ka-bam!

How about that mid-spine compression fracture, which is finally healing? Crunch!

The Mane Point is participating again in the April A to Z blogging challenge, posting daily with alphabetical entries.

For this year's A-Z event, a month of posts will offer Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship, with all due apologies to the original Murphy of Murphy’s Law,  which basically said, "If anything can go wrong, it probably will."

Horse lovers may have heard some of these uncannily true, yet often ironic, statements in various forms in the past. Or not.

 Image/s: Upside-Down Rider 
 by Eduardo Amorim 
Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship

Adapted from public domain clipart

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  1. I have not fallen off a horse in a long time, of course, I don't ride as I used to. Oh but you are right, always landed on my right hip when I did fall off :)

  2. Oh, I fell off one years ago, smacked my head on the board door as she flew through the barn to get to the watering trough. Not sure which hurt more, my head or my hips! Good thing I was young (although can't say horseback riding ever became a favorite thing to do again!).

  3. LOL, I can so relate to this! My favorite story of an unexpected dismount was when I got bucked off a bareback horse and drug! I apparently didn't let go of the piece of rope / reins I had tied to my horse's halter.

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