O is for One-Horsed Opinions

O is for One-Horsed Opinions.

Objectivity doesn’t exist among horsemen and horsewomen.

Let’s get this straight, once and for all. My horse is, hands-down, the handsomest (or loveliest) of all equines that ever existed. Yep, he/she is more beautiful than Black Beauty, swifter than Secretariat, and sweeter than Seabiscuit.

Oh, and yours is too.


The Mane Point is participating again in the April A to Z blogging challenge, posting daily with alphabetical entries.

For this year's A-Z event, a month of posts will offer Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship, with all due apologies to the original Murphy of Murphy’s Law,  which basically said, "If anything can go wrong, it probably will."

Horse lovers may have heard some of these uncannily true, yet often ironic, statements in various forms in the past. Or not.

Close-up bay horse face
Turfy’s A-Z Rules of Horsemanship
Adapted from public domain clipart

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  1. Lol... This will be a fun resource for me this month. I love the hint of blue in his eyes..

  2. Oh my ... this is so very true, Linda. I have 6 horses and they are all the best! It's like having children (which I don't). They are each my favourite in different ways.

  3. Looks like you like horses and we like goats, ducks, chickens. I think animals are good for everyone. They are good for our health too. It gets you outside in the fresh are and thinking about other things beside your self. smile.



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