Wii Love Riding . . . Don't We?

Wii Love Riding . . . Don't We?

Virtual sports have become the rage. But will equestrians hop on board?

How much would you pay for virtual horseback riding lessons? In England, someone paid almost 40,000 British pounds for this electronic horse!

Photo from Karen's Blog

This horse does make my electric treadmill seem pretty boring, even with cable television.

Of course, installing an electronic equine at home might seem costly . . . but just think of the equestrian apparel savings! Do you think the neighbors would know - or even care - if equestrians practiced in their pajamas, instead of full-seat leather breeches and tall riding boots?

For 40,000 pounds, an equestrian might purchase an electronic horse and flat-screen plasma television . . . . or an imported European Warmblood schoolmaster. Which would you rather have?

Do Wii love riding?

Although this electronic horse looks like it could be sort of fun, the scene does evoke images of rowdy city slickers and rodeo wannabees riding mechanical bulls in Wild West taverns and street fairs.

And I have to wonder. . . . wouldn't a true horse-lover miss the muddy trek out to the pasture to fetch a real-live equine companion?


  1. Quite well suited for an equestrian academy full of folks terrified to ride!

    This way, you can fall on your rear without 1)a crowd of observers, 2)potentially permanent injuries.

    Even better, 3)no vet bills, 4)no pony mood swings, and 5)no responsibility.

    Wow.. It's like ponies for dummies, huh?

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