Saddled with Success

Saddled with Success

Photos copyrighted by Nickers and Ink. All rights reserved.

The chestnut filly is now working under saddle for the first time. Twice this week, my 2006 sport horse mare has worn a saddle for training.

And so far, so good.

Of course, plenty of advance groundwork, using a surcingle and long lines, prepared her for this transition. So she took it in stride ... so to speak.

The young mare has had just two weeks of professional training. (Of course, the barn staff and I have been handling her since she was foaled as well.)

Perhaps we will not need to take out stock in bubble wrap, after all, at the prospect of mounting a young filly for riding.

The filly has worn a bridle and bit as well, but we are working her from the halter to preserve her soft and sensitive mouth.

This is a half-Arabian and half-Warmblood cross. Her bloodlines include Bask and Zodiac Matador (on her Arabian father's side) and Puritano (on her Westfalen mother's side).

(Photos were taken on a dark day in a dimly lit indoor round pen. But her glow still shows. And you can bet mine did too, just to see her working so willingly!)

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