Horse Training with Humor

Horse Training with Humor

I wonder if we may sometimes take ourselves a little too seriously, as we pursue our various equestrian disciplines.

Isn't it OK for a cowboy to crack a smile? Can a hunter-jumper flash a happy grin while soaring over those high hurdles? Must a reiner restrain himself in the show arena?

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Honestly, some of my favorite famous equestrians demonstrate humor and an unflappable positive attitude, even under pressure. Can anybody top the terrific toothy smile of jockey Calvin Borel?

Returning from the chilly stables today, after my 3-year-old sport horse filly's (pictured above) eighth official training session, I thoroughly enjoyed this video, posted by sports psychologist Seana Adamson, Ph.D.

I am, after all, a reformed dressage queen wannabee. At least, some say so.

And old dressage queens never die . . . they just . . . (How would you complete that sentence?)



Maybe sometimes, the little guy wins, after all.


  1. I love everything about this post. Finish the sentence:
    Old dressage queens never die...they just direct imperiously from the rail.

  2. Truly awesome. Entertaining "Horse Show" I never think how they train the little pony.



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