Wisconsin Equestrians

Having recently accepted a position as Milwaukee Equestrian Examiner (for an online news source), I am now posting regular features and news articles on that site.

Although the focus of each article will generally contain at least an element of local interest (to Milwaukee and Wisconsin), much of the content may also prove interesting and applicable to equestrians and horse lovers in other areas.

The Mane Point invites readers to peruse recent postings. (CTRL-click the image to open the page in a new window.)

Why not subscribe to the Milwaukee Equestrian Examiner? If you do subscribe, you will receive email alerts each time I publish something new.

If you have equestrian events, news items, press releases or other information to share (with interest located within a day's drive of the Milwaukee area) with the Milwaukee Equestrian Examiner, please let me know.

I am hoping to publish news, event reports, horse book and movie reviews, equestrian professional profiles, horse lover product reviews, tack store profiles, horsey how-to's and much more. Various equestrian disciplines will be included.


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