National Farrier's Week

National Farrier's Week

The Blacksmith's Shop
by Richard Ansdell

19th Century

Let's give the smithy a shout-out. It's National Farrier's Week in the United States.

Who's your farrier? Have you thanked your farrier lately for all that back-breaking work, caring for your horses' hooves in all sorts of weather, all year round? What are some creative ways to express appreciation for a fine farrier, especially during National Farrier's Week?

Farrier at Work
Public Domain Image

Or do you trim your horses' hooves yourself?

Does your horse wear shoes? Pads? Or does he go barefoot?

Do you have a humorous or informative story to share about your own farrier? Why not post it on your own blog during National Farrier Week? Be sure to double back to The Mane Point to leave a blog-link comment to your National Farrier Week post.

Here's a fun tee we found at Canter Banter, especially created for those of us whose horses seem to drop their horseshoes all too often. (Our thoroughbred, for example, is the ultimate Cinderella horse.) Click the image for more information.

Happy Farrier's Week!

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