Hair's a Story for Ya

Hair's a Story for Ya -

This video is not exactly brand-new, but it surely fits on The Mane Point.

Have you seen this one? If not, enjoy the artistic equine stylings of Australian photographer Julian Wolkenstein. Here's the actual television broadcast news report, including an interview with Wolkenstein and pictures of his unusual equine photographs.



Of course, the rest of us may opt for more traditional equine grooming:

Tress for Success (Braiding Your Horse for a Show)
Braiding is part of preparing to show a horse. Clean, neat braids greatly enhance the appearance of the entire horse, particularly his neck. Judges examine the entire package, horse and rider, and good grooming may spell extra respect and points in the show ring. Here'sd hows to achieve that show-ready appearance that can put you in the winner's circle.

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