Meet Melon - a Virtual Horse

My virtual horse's name is Melon. (She's named for her canter - lope.)

You are invited to play with Melon. Use your computer mouse to help us train her to walk and stop. Brush her coat, and feed her an apple.

Just be careful. She might byte.



Want to groom a horse? Check out these helpful horsey how-to's:

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You may also enjoy: Low Maintenance - A Poetic Presuming on Personal Grooming.

How about feeding treats to horses?

Read this first: Thanks for Sharing: What Foods Can You Share with Your Horse?

Happy horsing around!


  1. I got Melon to rear, walk back and forth, eat the apple, and crane her nose upward. Anything else that she does? (oh, and groom too) It's cute!



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