What is Hippotherapy?

What is hippotherapy?

The American Hippotherapy Association, Inc. (AHA, Inc.) defines hippotherapy as "physical, occupational and speech therapy treatment strategy that utilizes equine movement."

According to the American Hippotherapy Association, "Hippotherapy has been shown to improve muscle tone, balance, posture, coordination, motor development as well as emotional well-being."

"Hippo" comes from the Greek word for horse.

Of course, any horse lover knows that hippotherapy does not apply only to those facing special needs or physical challenges. To the rest of us, hippotherapy is the healing we may receive simply by spending time with a horse.

What melts stress away more than the view from the top of a favorite mount?

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  1. Cool, I thought it where depressed hippos went for counceling..:-)

  2. Thanks for additional knowledge. I was thinking of hippopotamus not horses...hehehe.

    Happy WW!



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