Happy Birthday to Our Dearly Departed Mare

Happy Birthday to Our Dearly Departed Mare

We lost Ashley, our beloved Warmblood mare, almost a year ago. Today would have been her 22nd birthday.

Can anything top the love of a first horse? 

I'm going to treat all three of her fabulous half-Arabian offspring to carrots today, in her honor. And maybe, just maybe, I will step up onto her filly for my second-ever ride. She's fabulous, by the way, just like her momma was.

Here's a toast to Miss Ashley!

Photo copyrighted by Nickers and Ink.

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1 comment:

  1. She was so beautiful!! Her face and soft eyes. You will always love her and she will be missed too.
    I am so pleased to find that you have her get!
    Hope that second time up on her filly goes fabulously!

    I am still loving my first mare!



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