Flash mob dancers fill Calgary street before Stampede

Flash mob dancers fill Calgary street before Stampede

OK, I admit it. The Calgary Stampede is on my proverbial bucket list. I have always wanted to go.

The massive rodeo will take place in Calgary, Alberta, from July 8th through 17th.

C’mon, now!

One of these years, I’m just gonna pony up and go. Maybe I can wrangle up a press pass. Heck, I’d do a hundred stories, if one of my horsey news outlets would send me northwards to the Calgary Stampede.

Those thundering hoofbeats, daring cowboys, wild-eyed wranglers, cool concerts and fabulous foods.

Are you with me?

And now they’ve gone and done it.

Two hundred people jumped into a Western-style line dance outdoors in the Stephen Avenue Mall of downtown Calgary at high noon on Tuesday, June 21st.

The performance surprised locals and tourists with their hot moves. Accompanied by blasted strains of The Black Eyes Peas’ “Imma Be,” the hoofers swirled in the street.

Participants included folks from Dance Canada, volunteers from the local dance community and other fancy footwork enthusiasts. Even Harry the Horse stepped in.

Take a look at Calgary’s line-dancing flash mob:


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  1. Hello!
    I follow you in AC, as I enjoy your writing, especially on the idioms.

    I have family living in Calgary, but have yet to go to the Stampede. (Love Banff!) I clicked on the video, but your background music was still playing, and I had to search long and hard to mute it. You might want to move that widget up top so people can find it easily. Just a thought!



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