Happy Birthday to Wisconsin!

Happy Birthday to Wisconsin!

Wisconsin became a U.S. state on May 19, 1848. The Badger State was the 30th state in the Union.

Do you live in Wisconsin?

How are you celebrating this stellar date in Badger State history?

Here in Southeastern Wisconsin, we had planned to participate in a horse show, but it was canceled at the last minute.

Next, we organized an informal trail ride near our home barn. Appropriately, the Wisconsin state motto simply reads, "Forward."

But the weather didn’t cooperate.

So we are in a state indeed.

However, we still proudly proclaim a boisterous and bold “Happy Birthday” to the state of Wisconsin.

Tomorrow, of course, is Memorial Day. Temperatures are expected to soar to record heights, accompanied by humidity. As we remember and honor our fallen soldiers on Memorial Day, we will likely take time at the barn to bathe our overheated horses too.

How will you spend Memorial Day? Will you ride horses in a parade, attend a picnic or what?

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