Free Informational Resources on Equine Herpes Virus Outbreak

Free Informational Resources on Equine Herpes Virus Outbreak

Horse lovers have grown concerned about the recent and ongoing cases of EHV-1, Equine Herpes Virus. This extremely contagious disease, which can prove fatal to horses, seems to be erupting in multiple locations.

Multiple equestrian events have been canceled or postponed, as planners prove particularly cautious about EHV-1. Following are a couple of examples:

Is it possible to improve your horse’s chances of avoiding infection with Equine Herpes Virus? These practical pointers can help:
Here are several additional links to free online educational and informational resources on EHV-1. CTRL-click on each title link to open that article in a new internet window.
Four Ponies photo by Vertigogen
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