The A to Z Challenge and Horse Breeds from A to Z

The A to Z Challenge and Horse Breeds from A to Z
 (posted for the A to Z Challenge)


File:Baileyphoto2.jpgWe made it through the A to Z blogging challenge for the month of April, posting one entry each day to complete the entire alphabet.

Just for fun, let’s look at a sampling of different equine breeds from A to Z.

Appaloosa, Akhal-teke and Arabian
Bashkir Curly, Barb, Belgian, Brumby
Cleveland Bay, Clydsdale and Connemara
Dole, Don and Drum Horse
Estonian and Exmoor
Falabella (photo at left), Fjord and Friesian
Gypsy Vanner
Hackney, Haflinger, Hanoverian and Holsteiner
Icelandic and Irish Cob
Jennet and Jutland
Kiger Mustang and Kinsky
Lipizzaner and Lusitano
Missouri Foxtrotter, Morgan and Mustang
New Forest Pony and Nokota
File:Jumper and Brandie Holloway.jpg
Paint, Paso Fino and Percheron
Quarab and Quarter Horse
Rhinelander and Rocky Mountain Horse
Saddlebred, Selle Francais, Shire and Standardbred
Tennessee Walker, Thoroughbred and Trakehner
Unmal and Uzunyayla
Ventasso and Virginia Highlander
Warmblood (photo at right) and Westfalen
Yili and Yonaguni
Zebra  (OK, not actually a horse or pony, but still an equine.) and Zweibrucker

How many of these equine breeds have you ever seen? How many more types of horses, ponies or other equine varieties can you name for each letter of the alphabet? 

Which is your favorite?

Crossing the finish line with the A to Z Challenge

Thanks to those who organized April’s A to Z Challenge this year, as well as to the many old and new readers and blog visitors who stopped by at The Mane Point. Welcome, new subscribers and  blog followers!

Image/s: Creative Commons Licensing

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  1. What a great sight. My grand- daughter is a horse lover and I cannot wait to share this with her..
    Love the music too!

  2. Linda, we did it! Congratulations! I have an award for you!!

  3. Congrats on making it through to the end of a truely epic challenge!

  4. The horses are beautiful....

    What a great theme for the challenge. I just made it to your blog...

    I did flash fiction with a twist/riddle ... talk about a challenge.

    It was fun but tons of work. Nice to meet you Linda.

  5. Linda Ann!!!! I enjoyed all your blogs in the A to Z and will continue stopping by just because I like your style :)

    Thank you for letting me feature you too :)

    Here's to next year's A to Z and the many fun, interesting, and educational posts between.

    Cheers :)

  6. Congratulations from making it to the end of the Challenge and for contributing one of the more unique topics. You sure have a list of horses there--I had no idea there were so many breeds.
    Thank you for being a part of Blogging from A to Z.

    Don't forget to pick up your Winner's Badge at my site.
    Tossing It Out

  7. What Arlee said. I was nuts for horses in elementary and junior high, then gymnastics took over. I had no clue that there were so many breeds. I'm just now making my way around visiting from the AZ. Shannon @ The Warrior Muse and I are joining forces in another challenge. We're going to visit and comment at each of the participants, starting with the reflections post. We hope you'll join us!
    Tina @ Life is Good



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