Warning Signs and Traveling Whines

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"...He who began a good work in you

will carry it on to completion

until the day of Christ Jesus."

(Philippians 1:6)

Warning Signs and Traveling Whines –

Finding Grace Along the Way

The show invitation said “Nine.”

Departing at eight, we’d be fine.

Then, spotting the cones

And road closure zones,

We murmured to miss the deadline.

A repaving crew put us out,

While signaling us to reroute.

Though, drowsy, I drove

Past foliage-filled grove.

The trailer behind bounced about.

A slight indiscretion, wrong turn –

We rumbled along at slow burn,

With nothing to do

But bounce along through

And recheck the clock; live and learn.

So swindled were we and our freight.

The show fees we’d lose; none would wait.

And right from the gun,

We’d miss all the fun,

For we could not accelerate.

Still, somehow, our joy we re-found,

With autumn arriving all ‘round.

We gave up the war

Not irked anymore,

And noticed Creation’s background.

An old covered plankway stretched west

Thus bridging the gap o’er a crest.

We drove ‘cross the bog,

As the sun lifted fog,

Observing the scenery with zest.

We pointed the rig from frontier,

Surprising a full herd of deer.

Like water, they poured;

They bounded and soared –

A vanishing sight souvenir.

And although we scratched from the show,

We made our way home in a glow,

Unloading our mounts

And pleased to announce

More fun than the whole rodeo.

Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

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  1. One thwarted adventure leads to another one that is full of a different meaning--and fun. I love this and the tone. Fun and frustration and magic. Thanks.

  2. Whew! You got all those prompts in and made sense doing it. Nice job. Sorry about your re-routing but glad you enjoyed the journey anyway.

  3. Great job. You are a wonderful poetess.

  4. love the poem and the scenic photo..

  5. I can't believe you posted to all those prompts.

    Anyway, really enjoyed reading your limerick chain.


  6. That was a great tale, and well told!! You're a natural at rhyme!

  7. A reminder that it is all about the journey! Really enjoyed your post...

  8. Fantastic poem, I envy your ability to write such a thing.

  9. not all who wander (even due to detour) are lost! you've found the important things...& shared them so beautifully, rhythmically

  10. Now that is what I call multi-tasking poetry. :) It is lovely.

  11. It truly IS all about the journey, isn't it? Loved it!

  12. Stopping in to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving :)



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