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Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

Excuse us, if we stop and stare,
But your first steps show savoir-faire.
With style and speed,
You’re guaranteed
To grab attention everywhere.

Although the world is new to you,
Instinctively, you capture view.
And none too late,
We celebrate
To see life’s miracle come true.

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  1. wow! great capture.. a smart horse's a beautiful place for the horse to stay..Happy Scenic Sunday to you..

  2. I am not sure but this is the Odd Shot for this week as well as all those other MEMEs you've got linked?

    Cool photo no matter what the reason/MEME for posting


  3. A neat poetic salute to those gorgeous first animal steps! They certainly put human efforts to shame. And I love your rhyming poetry. I write a similar kind.

  4. the world as new to the foal, so true.

  5. that photos says to me "the joy in life"...

  6. I'm here through slice of life...I admit it, I'm already completely hooked on your blog just from this post! what a beautiful pic and your limerick is perfect :)

  7. How sweet! I was just thinking on my way home from work yesterday is that one farm animal I have never seen give birth is a horse... I would love to see the birth of a foal in person!

  8. He's absolutely adorable..well caught.

  9. lovley limerick :)



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