Four-Legged Favor

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Sometimes, a day at the stables just seems somehow charmed. These are the days of which horse people dream. Better than a championship horse show, these are the moments we cherish most.

This was such a day, filled with wonderful horsey happenings and firsts:

Try to imagine, in a single day . . .

5. Five horses standing politely for the farrier

4. Four horses working correctly and soundly

3. Three young horses leading politely into the barn

2. Two young horses loading uneventfully into a horse trailer for the first time

1. One young horse completing his first trail ride with confidence and pride

Four-Legged Favor

Occasionally, new frontiers

Astonish us, as grace appears.

Two colts with pluck

March into truck,

Displaying boldness without fears.

That afternoon, the racehorse shies,

As martingale slips o’er his eyes.

Out on the trail,

He starts to flail,

The stops, as we reorganize.

Such moments put us in our place,

As we experience pure grace.

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  1. Do you love the majesty of a horse?
    I can't tell...:P
    Excellent 55 Linda!!!
    Thank you so much for the heads up on this post..YOU ROCK!!!
    Thanks for playing, and have a Great Week-End...Galen

  2. Indeed, the movement of a horse is such a grace & a sheer pleasure to witness!



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