H Is for . . . Happy Horses

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ABC Wednesday (“H is for . . . “)
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In Other Words (“Pressing Close to God”)
Matinee Muse (“rising above”)
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Pet Peeve Tuesday (“Do They Think We’re Stupid?”)

Totally Optional Prompt (“conversations”)
Wordless Wednesday (photo/s)

“H” Is for . . . Happy Horses

Photo c2007 by Nickers and Ink

Jump-Start on Smarts –
Pastoral Wisdom . . . From the Pasture

In conversations with a friend,
We swap ideas and comprehend
The truths of life,
An end to strife
And our opinions recommend.

We often think outside the box;
Press close to God – see, here He walks.
For smart are we,
Here in our glee.
With oil of wonder, our life rocks.

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  1. What a beautiful photo of two Happy Horses you Have posted for ABC Wednesday-letter H.
    Happy H day.

    Bear((( )))

  2. I am sure you have loved this weeks many horse posts...all so very different.
    Loved this poem too.



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