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Photo c2008 by Nickers and Ink

Sight-Mare -
A Tribute Penned for a Special Friend

“The Lord gives sight to the blind;
the Lord lifts up
those who are bowed down;
the Lord loves the righteous.”
(Psalm 146:8, NIV)

I’m sure I have been here before,
Though I perceive it not.
Equine apologies and more
May not obscure the spot.

While waiting for a pathway stroll,
The world one day grew dark.
Now worry crowds my searching soul,
E’er seeking hopeful spark.

To question why my sight has fled
Won’t hasten my parole.
Instead, I listen well while led,
And wait for healthy foal.

With rock-resolve, I make my way,
Accompanied in trust.
My dear companion leads each day;
To follow her, I must.

I carry forth no knot of hate,
Though this become my lot.
Although rheumatic, more of late,
I find a grassy spot.

Sclerotic scarring dims my view;
For this, I’ve often cried.
My owners forgo rendezvous,
For they no longer ride.

So this is how I met my match,
The finest friend of all.
For when they open pasture latch,
I listen for her call.

My pasture pal is destined here;
Without her, I’d be lost.
Her presence energizes dear,
Though she knows not the cost.

Note: These lines were penned in tribute to a special mare, who patiently cares daily for an older, blind horse in the pasture. The blind mare (chestnut) and her seeing-eye friend (white) are pictured above in their private outdoor haven. Sometimes . . . a trusted friend can be even more valuable than a fairy godmother (at right).

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  1. That is a heart-warming post, through and through. Thanks!

  2. What a great story... I don't know so much about horses, but that seems unique to me. then again, I've heard similar stories about dogs, so I guess it shouldn't be a surprise. But thanks for sharing.

  3. What a lovely story. The goodness of the Universe never ceases to delight and awe me.

  4. A wonderful poem from a dedicated horse-lover. I see my daughter in your words.

  5. There's goodness to be found in this chaotic world one just has to know where to look. Endearing story. Have a nice day.

  6. We should sometimes take an example from the animals.

  7. What a very heart-warming story! Thanks for sharing this beautiful story and photo! Great job!!!!

  8. what a loving tribute sandy I loved the other also

  9. Hey there sister,

    This is my first time to your blog and I just love your poem and picture of love!

    WOW, I sure could learn a lot from your horses!

    Bless you dear sister,



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