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Although this post is not exclusively horse-related, it merits inclusion here. Animals lovers, take note. Here's a way to help rescued cats, dogs, horses and other animals - at no cost to yourself!

(Our own rescued kitty)

Click for Creatures

Plunge in with a click,
C’mon! Hurry! Quick!
Pretend it’s a video game.

Your mouse helps you play;
Click every day,
And animals, food they will claim.

The kittens will purr,
As puppies concur.
Adoptions will render them tame.

The funds fill their dish,
Survival, their wish -
And you will be happy you came!


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Please CTRL-click this graphic to open the link in a new window, and feed rescued animals for FREE. (Save the link, or return here for it. You can click once per day!)

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  1. What a very sweet photo. GREAT post!

  2. That sure is a pretty kitty.

  3. Love your poem. And the picture, too.

  4. How cute! She seems so comfortable sleeping:)

  5. What a gorgeous kitty!

    I played too ... come see my bald Chia kitty :)

  6. Your rescued kitty is beautiful and at home.

  7. A very contented looking kitty! Happy in a new home!

    Have a wonderful weekend!
    My Camera Critters Here and Here

  8. I'm a cat lover from way back and this is very sweet!

  9. what's her name ?/How long have tyou had her. Seems like a fit sandy

  10. Your cat has very cute colors! Very pretty kitty, indeed!

    I joined Camera Critters, too! HERE is where I posted my entry. Happy weekends!

  11. Pretty tabby cat! Glad you rescued her.

  12. AWWWWWW....
    A 55 with a message...
    I LOVE IT!!!!!!
    Very cute kitty.
    Thanks for visiting, thanks for playing, and thanks for the awareness...You Rock!!!!

  13. Ah … lucky kitty … obviously happy and ‘at home’ with you ;--)
    Loved your poetry too!
    Hugs and blessings,

  14. What an adorable and relaxed kitten! So sweet and peaceful!!! Great shot!



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