Olympic Dreams

Posted for a variety of prompts:

Heads or Tails (“supply”)
Hump Day Humor (“blond”)
Meme Express (“Olympics”)
Simply Snickers (“play,” “plunge” and “pretend”)

Olympic Dreams
(A Limericked Lament for a Western Event)

If I could just play in the great global game,
The famous Olympics would ne’er be the same.
I’d rope and I’d ride,
Race barrels beside,
And go for the gold without tremors or shame.

But this is a plunge that I simply can’t take;
No rodeos offered, for dear pity’s sake.
It’s still a mirage,
Just jumps and dressage,
But true down-home cowgirls do not belly-ache.

And yet, in the finest of dreams, I’ll pretend
A medal supply from my neck will suspend,
My colt, maned in blond
Of whom I’m most fond,
Will carry me past our wits’ end.


  1. I love the photo in your header and very much enjoyed your ‘limericked lament’ so I’m glad you stopped by Small Reflections … leaving the link back here so I could find it. I was late in publishing my T-13 … all about the Beijing Olympics today (or at least the events that interest me most) complete with collaged photos and a couple of videos … just because.
    Hugs and blessings,

  2. That was so cute! I LOVED IT!

  3. That was such a great poem! And I love how it went with all of those prompts. Thanks for stopping by my heads or tails.

  4. very nice! Thanks for stopping by~

  5. great poem.
    i wish you could be there.

    thanks for stopping by my blog.


  6. You are absolutely amazing-how you write and connect your poetry to so many prompts! Love it!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Double-Decker Bus


  7. a lovely dream, such fitting words. you certainly may write!!!

  8. Nice piece...thanks for sharing...Mu daughter, the more she watches of the Olympics, is ready to take the plunge and play. And she's not pretending.



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