Royalty - Spoilty

(For HEADS or TAILS - #41 – “royal” and Two for Tuesdays “All I Remember is How I Forgot”)

When loving a horse and counting the cost, All I remember is how I forgot. (L.A.N.)

Royalty – Spoilty

My boy looks beautiful in blue,
Though he’s a royal pain; it’s true.
He’ll jump the moon
To any tune,
But every month he’ll lose a shoe.

My boy is handsomest in teal,
This color lights his orbs of steel.
In indigo
He’s apropo,
But turquoise does his light reveal.

In cobalt, cornflower or ice,
My boy is dashing, ultra-nice.
His shining mane
Almost profane,
Is every filly’s paradise.

Blue halters, sheets and saddle pad
Make him a stylishly dressed lad.
He fairly gleams
With color schemes,
As gallant as Sir Galahad.

My boy looks beautiful in blue,
Though he’s a royal pain; it’s true.
He stole my scene
And all my green,
To leave my statements all past due.

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  1. Love the poem and the pics! Great HoT! :)

  2. He's lovely! And the poem is fun! Great HOT post!! :)

  3. Great poem and picture, too! I like the way you went with the idea of royal. Very cool!

  4. How I would love to live somewhere where I could have horses. They are beautiful animals. I use to ride when I was young.

    Great HoT!

  5. What a great poem dedicated to a beautiful horse!!!!

    Welcome to Heads Or Tails. I've just added you to the blogroll. :)

  6. Great poem and beautiful horse!

  7. beautiful horse! and the poem describes him so well.

  8. great name for a horse, and lovely poem too :)

    Thanks for stopping by.

  9. Awesome idea for the post! Kudos on a supreme use of creativity!

  10. I wish that I could have a horse (and will board one at some point if I can find a place that takes extra-special care).

    I have ridden before. I am planning to take riding lessons at an equestrian school.

    Your poem was very nice. :-)



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