Just Arrived!

Posted for Wordless Wednesday’s Saturday edition and a Simply Snickers prompt on “day” and “discover.”

Just Arrived!
(A Foal Extols an Outdoor Stroll)

Hey, Mama, let’s go out to play,
Although I've not yet learned to neigh.
I’m weak in the knees,
But I’ll frolic with ease,
‘Cause it’s my discovery day.

I’ll follow you out in the grass
And try not to merely harass,
While you, my food source,
Romp and play as a horse
Until we both fall, out of gas.

By the way, this little one is sweeter than any candy. Still, he loves peppermints, and so do I. (That's my response to MeMe Express' daily prompt for June 30th - on "candy").

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  1. LOL! I've seen horses do that... so fun!

  2. Brilliant!

    Gorgeous pic and well put together, fitting written piece.

  3. Wow, what memories you brought back! My niece breed her AQHA mare once and I was able to see the foal just hours after birth. Momma wouldn't let me anywhere near the wee one but my niece was welcomed in without a problem.

    I'd forgotten how sweet the whole thing was.




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