Discipline Matters - How do you ride?

What's your favorite equestrian discipline? Have you always ridden this way, or did you previously pursue a different discipline?

Please vote in this quick poll. And be sure to leave a comment! Include a link to your own horsey blog, if you want to share more about your horses.


  1. Hi Linda,

    Thanks for dropping by my blog, I had to vote other in your poll as I use Harley for everything. We show in reining and western events and are starting working cowhorse and he is my trail riding buddy also. I love the all around horse!

  2. I chose trail riding. That is mostly what I do- pleasure riding, in a western saddle. I may show My Boy in a schooling show here or there, just for fun, but my days of that are mostly over. It's too expensive!

  3. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I chose trail riding because that is where I have most my fun and that is mainly what I do anymore, that and grooming. ;) Also I live so far away from any major shows that it would be way to expensive for me to compete and I'm really not in to that anyway.
    Joan @

  4. We do all different disciplines: hunters, jumpers, trail riding, dressage. We like an all around versatile horse and it keeps them on their toes and eases their boredom with doing the same thing repeatedly.

  5. Hmm... I'd say pleasure riding, but not really trail riding - I just like to have fun and try and stay on when the boy decides it's time for a buck or two!

  6. I barrel race, but also trail ride. I have done reining in the past and have a horse that does that as well as working cowhorse and roping events.

  7. I saw your link on Beckz blog, so I decided to stop by myself.

    - What's your favorite equestrian discipline?
    Jumping, show jumping is my favorite. I've always gotten a thrill out of it since I started.

    - Have you always ridden this way, or did you previously pursue a different discipline?
    Yes and no. I try to combine Dressage and jumping, both I love and enjoy. Although I do like to and would like to try other disciplines too.

  8. Trail riding has always been and will always be my first love. However, I've taken a lot of dressage lessons, and my "serious" schooling/training sessions are classical dressage.

    I think dressage is good for training both horse AND rider and makes both better at whatever discipline they decide to try.

    I was never much for showing, but I have done a bit of Competitive Trail - years ago! LOL!

  9. Hi
    I saw you over at Beckz place so I had to vote. I am a DQ through and through. I still enjoy a good hack but spend most of my time on the ever ilusive 20 meter circle

    Jewel and Abu

  10. I had to pick trail riding over dressage just for the time factor; I go for 3-6 hour trail rides but ride dressage for 45 minutes at a time...and if dressage disappeared from the universe - poof!-- I would not die, but if trails and trail riding disappeared, I might consider it. :)



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