Praying for an Equestrian Colleague

Praying for an Equestrian Colleague and Friend

Please join The Mane Point and many others in praying for Howard Nelson, manager of Silverwood Farm in Camp Lake, Wisconsin. A veteran thoroughbred horse breeder, dressage and combined training show organizer and horseman, Howard is now facing the contest of his life in a battle with cancer. Certainly, we all eagerly await a good report of a full recovery.

Midwestern equestrians, in particular, have long appreciated Howard’s hospitality and adept management of Silverwood Dressage, the IDCTA Schooling Show Series, the NIHJA Series, Horse Trials and other events.

Please pray for Howard and also for Lisa Froelig (pictured together, above), as they face this journey together.

May God draw them close to Himself and offer the strength, peace, rest and healing that only He can give.

May the Lord give the doctors and other medical professionals extra measures of wisdom and compassion, as they work with Howard.

And may He surround Howard and Lisa with those who will affirm and encourage them during this difficult time.

“O Lord, my God,
I called to You for help,
and You healed me.”
(Psalm 30:2, NIV)

Cards and notes may be sent to:

Howard Nelson
Silverwood Farm
P.O. Box 192
Camp Lake, WI 53109

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