Horsey craft for kids: Bottle-cork horse ornaments

Looking for a simple, but clever, horse craft for your summer pony camp, fall open house, riding student get-together, or another special equestrian event? Start saving those wine corks!

Here’s a fun art project for kids of all ages – or even adults.

Bottle-cork horse ornament craft

First, gather the essential supplies. You will need these for each ornament project:

Here’s how to make these adorable ornaments for the holiday tree or everyday decorating.

Plug in the hot-melt glue gun. Distribute the other supplies to all of the participating crafters. Instruct them to assemble the corks, gluing them together (with adult supervision and assistance, if needed).

Use the tinsel to add the mane and tail. (Or make these from additional yarn.)

Cut long, straight sided ovals to form the saddles. Snip small triangles to make the ears. Measure and cut the yarn to the desired lengths to create the bridle and reins. Glue all of these to the cork-formed horse body.

Make a hanging loop from another piece of yarn, and tuck it through the reins.

Bottle-cork horse ornaments are ideal for holiday adornment of the riding stables or the home. They're also great items to offer at a fall tack swap/fundraiser. Plus, they make pretty neat gifts for horse-loving parents too.

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