Book Review: Totally Buzzed

A Miller Sisters Mystery by Gale Borger

Buzz Miller is quite a character. The spunky retired police detective of rural White Bass Lake, Wisconsin, carries an almost uncanny ability to attract missteps and mishaps, even murder and mayhem, as Totally Buzzed: A Miller Sisters Mystery, by Gale Borger, details.

Totally Buzzed: A Miller Sisters Mystery is a comical mystery (or perhaps a mysterious comedy), with more than 80,000 words of racing dialogue, colorful description and somewhat circuitous action. The tangled plot holds readers’ interest, right from the intriguing and wholly surprising first few pages.

The story line of Totally Buzzed: A Miller Sisters Mystery begins with a start, as Buzz Miller and her sister Mag (The Maggot) Miller discover a neighbor’s corpse under their own mother’s house. Within a few pages, Buzz and Mag are trailing smugglers, horse murderers, international drug traffickers and other unsavory sorts – all while trying to stay alive.

Reviewer’s Note:
This book reviewer received a complimentary copy of the book described and evaluated here, although the reviewer has no prior or existing relationship (either familial or professional) with the author or publisher.

This wise-cracking, but action-filled novel does not aim at literary circles. Instead, it is a worthy reading endeavor for popular-level readers. Although much of the plot of Totally Buzzed: A Miller Sisters Mystery focuses on equestrian stables and rural town settings, the mystery novel holds interest for general interest readers as well. The book includes adventure, comedy, intrigue, romance and satire.

Gale Borger’s extensive first-hand experience in detective work, forensic sciences, and police procedure is evident in the content of Totally Buzzed: A Miller Sisters Mystery. Although significant technical vocabulary is included in some sections of the book, readers need not be experts to follow the content.

Overall, this is a quick read and a most entertaining one. It is easy to see, based on her debut novel, why friends and colleagues have tagged Gale Borger as a lively companion and an engaging storyteller.

Published in August 2010 by Echlon Press, Gale Borger’s Totally Buzzed: A Miller Sisters Mystery is available in eBook and trade paperback formats.

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