Book Review: Bubba to the Rescue

A horse novel for preteens by Jennifer Walker

Arabian Horses are occasionally tagged stereotypically as fiery, but these intelligent and highly trainable equines may also demonstrate excellent athleticism and loyalty, as author Jennifer Walker portrays in her latest Green Meadow Series.

Bubba to the Rescue, Walker’s second installment in the young horse lover collection, hits the ground running with a story that sweeps readers up in its path. The 2011-published book opens with the wedding of the father of the protagonist, teen equestrienne Leslie Clark, and her horse trainer/barn manager, Helen Green. The happy couple fell in love in Walker’s first Green Meadow book, Bubba Goes National, also published in 2011.

Next, the tale hits the trail, as a casual ride is transformed in a few hoof beats into a fire-rescue adventure. Riding with pony pal Alex, Leslie discovers a seemingly abandoned horse in the woods after the two teens have saved a neighbor’s horse herd from a barn blaze. Fittingly, the girls name the mysterious equine Spark.

As the story unfolds, Leslie attempts to find Spark’s real owner, while helping her friends cope with such challenging real-life issues as injured animal care, teen romance, abusive relationships, death and grieving, financial responsibility, stepfamily relationships, and more.

The title focuses on Clark’s Arabian gelding Lucky (or Bubba), which the teen rider purchased at auction in the first book. But Walker’s plotline focuses much more on Clark, her family, her friends, and the strange new horse known as Spark. With each page turn, readers are left to wonder when Bubba will enter the story again.

Reviewer’s Note:
This book reviewer received a complimentary copy of the book described and evaluated here, although the reviewer has no prior or existing relationship (either familial or professional) with the author or publisher.

Walker’s Bubba to the Rescue is penned for young teen readers, but the story may appeal to older horse-loving readers as well. Although this book is a sequel, per se, the story also stands alone for readers who may have missed the first book.

Published by Twin Trinity Media, Bubba to the Rescue includes several drawings by illustrator Debra Torrico, who created the cover art for the book. Torrico also illustrated Bubba Goes National.

About the Author: Jennifer Walker

Horse lover Jennifer Walker is the author of Bubba to the Rescue, Bubba Goes National, and Leslie and the Lion. Her articles have appeared in Arabian Horse Times, Horseman’s News, Modern Arabian Horse and Sierra Style. Jennifer Walker has published short stories in Elements of the Soul and The Ultimate Horse Lover.

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