Crafty gifts for horsey folks: Kiln-fired glass horse pendants and ornaments

Sue Marcinkus, an equestrian from Kenosha, Wisconsin, makes custom-crafted horsey pendants, Christmas tree ornaments, and other works from kiln-fired glass.

These items may be created with fused images from customers’ digital or traditional photographs. Each item is fired several times at extremely high temperatures to preserve quality for years to come.

Pendants and ornaments, depending upon their settings, may cost $15 to $30.

Marcinkus’ portfolio of glasswork includes pet and even human portraits, in addition to horses.

Her company, Marcinkus Gallery of Glass, also offers glass dishes and jewelry boxes, as well as stained glass pieces and silk scarves.

Christmas orders are still possible, if placed soon.

To order:
Phone: (262) 496-4033

Hey, equine enthusiasts! Do you need a few creative and unique holiday gifts for the horse lovers on Santa’s shopping list? The Mane Point offers a special series this month, highlighting cool crafts by and for equestrians. 

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