What's wrong with this horse show photo?

Horse shows are fun. Maybe they're twice as much fun for some folks as others. And sometimes the photos we view afterwards can be fun, or even funny, as well.

Take a look at this shot, snapped at a recent open show.

Anyone else find this angle doubly interesting?

Nope, that’s not me. And I'm not picking on the horse's conformation. I'm not critiquing the rider's position or equitation, either.

She’s a super rider with a pretty horse, and I think she even won the class. (Maybe both riders did.)

All I know is: That extra rider better hold on tight! And maybe the show bill ought to contain a TWINS or DOUBLES class.

This is one of those photographic goofs that surprises everyone afterwards. It's sort of like the weird phenomenon we see in a photo taken in front of a light pole or tower, where such a structure appears to be growing out of someone's head.

It's all about having a photographer's eye, when one looks through the lens (or at the smart phone screen) before snapping the picture.

Last-minute volunteer photographers are well intentioned. That counts for plenty.

Sure, we’re grateful when we can toss our cameras or smart phones to friends, right before the horse show class starts. Otherwise, we might have no visual records of our rides.

But sometimes that means taking one’s chances. Guess that sort of fits with horseback riding as a whole, anyway.

Still, we have to wonder. If she won, did she receive two ribbons?

Promo photo - fair use

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