Equestrian Product Highlight: Give this great rugged glove deal a hand ... or two

Whoa! I just scooped up a super deal on riding gloves. 

OK, they’re not really marketed for equestrians, but they sure fit the bill. And that bill is a lot smaller than I might have spent, had I purchased similar gloves at the tack shop.

I stopped in Menards to pick up a few closet storage bins. (Yes, I am finally packing away those summer riding tank tops.) At the end of one aisle, I spotted a handy display of these fabulous gloves, marked at $6.99 per pair.

These Rugged Wear Leather Palm Hi-Dexterity Gloves are made of four-way stretch polyester / spandex. The palms and fingers are soft pigskin. The gloves are both flexible and breathable, so they’ll be great for holding those reins lightly.

Rugged Wear Leather Palm Hi-Dexterity Gloves come in a host of colors, such as blue and red. I picked up the black ones, as they look the most equestrian-acceptable. 

The gloves have Velcro straps across the wrists for adjustable fit. 

OK, so these gloves don’t have spiffy little horse emblems, like the Heritage Performance Gloves, the TuffRider Stretch Back Gloves,  or the Ovation Pro-Flex Schooling Gloves. (But they cost $15-$20 less.)

Basically, the Rugged Wear Leather Palm Hi-Dexterity Gloves are a lot like the Wells Lamont 3214M Work Gloves with Grain Pigskin, available for about $15. So, at $6.99 a pop, they're practically a steal.

Who knows? Maybe I’ll use ‘em in an upcoming clinic or two.

Amazon has the same Rugged Wear Leather Palm Hi-Dexterity Gloves, but they are marked as “Currently Unavailable” there.

At Menards, I only found the gloves in what’s labeled as Men’s size. I have smaller hands, but they fit nicely, with plenty of wiggle room.  Can’t wait to toss my stinky old riding gloves and take these babies for a spin on my sport horse.

I have no vested interest in the glove-maker, Menards, or anyone affiliated with the product. I’m just passing along a super deal.

The Rugged Wear Leather Palm Hi-Dexterity Gloves are probably not warm enough for colder Upper Midwest winter weather, but they’ll sure be handy for autumn and spring.

Photo copyrighted by Nickers and Ink
– The Mane Point

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