It's Best Friends Day on June 8?

Today is Best Friends Day. (I think I'll go ride my horse.)

Oh, wait. It's also Upsy-Daisy Day. That may be an issue ...

Update: I rode two today, and they were both sweet. 

First, I rode the younger, greener horse. She and I enjoyed a peaceful and quiet jaunt all by ourselves in the indoor arena. We even tried a few leg yields at the walk, which she willingly performed. 

She's a whole lot smarter and nimbler than I tend to expect her to be.

This little gem is doing all she can to bring me back from a rough spell, even though she is naturally quite springy and still a bit unpolished. This sweet half-Arabian mare fairly seems to read my mind and my moods. It's a little daunting, to be frank.

Then I took the older guy outdoors for some trot work. He gave me some nice serpentines, a few laterals, and even a couple of lazy canters.

All in all, it was not a bad day at the barn. Is it ever?

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