Cowboy hauls ponies 4 hours to give OK kids free rides after tornado

Volunteers are flocking to tornado-devastated Moore, Oklahoma, to offer relief, supplies, and help with cleanup and rebuilding. 

A charitable cowboy brought aid of an altogether different sort. The owner of Buffalo Creek Pony Rides hauled his ponies from Cheyenne, Oklahoma, to give free rides to local children and youngsters helping in the storm-ravaged community. 

“I can’t do much,” the man told Oklahoma City reporter Emma Riley Sutton, who was on-site to assist with unloading and distributing post-disaster supplies. “But I can make kids smile [with pony rides].”

“He just wants to … let them forget the tornado for a little while.” Sutton commented. “We all have special gifts and talents.  All of them can be used to help the folks of Moore.”

Because sometimes a little horsing around is just what the doctor ordered.

The Buffalo Creek Pony Rides organization provides gentle pony reel walk experiences for children at fairs and special events.

Photos by Emma Riley Sutton –
Used by permission

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  1. Very nice of you to make the children (and parents) have something to smile about!



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