Video Prank - Mounting a Horse Can Be a Stretch

Sometimes horse lovers just like to stir up a little fun. 
Look at the comedy a slight tack adjustment can make.

(Please don't try this at your barn. Or, at least, don't tell 'em we sent ya. Trained professionals only ... and all that.)

Let's hear it for those calm and compliant horses, who seem almost to be in on the joke somehow.

"Hey, rider. Need a hand? I've got 15."


See? Smart riders check their own tack before mounting up … or even trying to. Is your girth secured? And how about those stirrups?

Video Screenshot
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1 comment:

  1. That is funny!
    These must have been pure amateurs (like me), but why would they continue trying to get in the saddle with such useless stirrups?



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