Little Red Horse video is cute, but what about racetrack safety?

Have you heard about “Little Red” the racehorse?

Nope, this isn’t Secretariat. But it could be a cartoonish facsimile of the late great Big Red. 

This animated music video by Patty Shukla features a children’s song about a racehorse that walks, trots, runs, and gallops.

Gee, we gotta wonder what happened to cantering. OK, that may be splitting hairs.

Shukla’s video has racked up nearly 19 million views since it was uploaded on May 19, 2010. The YouTube video even boasts a button for a Spanish-language version, titled "Rojito.".


Once you listen to the song, you’ll begin hearing its refrain in your sleep. (Sorry about that.)

But that’s not my beef with this little horse cartoon.

Little Red runs on the racetrack, right under the twin spires (which greatly resemble Louisville’s Churchill Downs). The horse races along with several variations. Little Red runs under tack with a rider. He also runs at liberty, with and without tack.

What? There’s a runaway horse on the track?

And does anybody else have an issue with a horse running counterclockwise on the track, as well in the traditional direction?

Whoa! Someone call Churchill Downs Security – stat!

OK, “Little Red” is simply childlike fun. It’s animated, so the safety of Kentucky horse racing fans is still intact. Still, the equestrian accuracy may be just one mint short of a julep.

Then again, how accurate was Robert the Rose Horse? And he made it to the Winner’s Circle.


Video Screenshot - fair use

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