Wisconsin’s Winter Is on the Way

Wisconsin’s Winter Is on the Way

Brr! The mercury is falling. Gloppy rain clouds are hovering, threatening to turn frosty soon. Old Man Winter is making his way to Wisconsin.

What will the 2010-2011 winter season look like for horseback riders in Wisconsin and neighboring areas?

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La Nina beats El Nino, bringing a big chill with her.

The U.S. National Weather Service suggests that the coming winter will likely bring colder than usual temperatures in Wisconsin and the surrounding region this year.

The colder change is attributed to the change in climatic phenomena, which occurs every two to five years. At this time, El Nino is out, along with milder weather, and La Nina is in, accompanied by harsher conditions.

What will the weather shift mean for Wisconsin equestrians and other outdoorsmen?

The 2010-2011 winter is likely to be chillier than winters in recent years, perhaps bringing more snow, ice and sleet than usual.

The 2010 Farmer’s Almanac projects the first snowstorm to hit Wisconsin early, perhaps as soon as the first weeks of November.

As a result, Wisconsin equestrians will have to bundle up before saddling up in the coming months. Perhaps it’s time to unpack those winter horse blankets and prepare for the advent of Old Man Winter in the Badger State.

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