OK, So a Horse Walks into a Bar, and . . .

OK, So a Horse Walks into a Bar, and . . . 

This actually happened.

In Tampa, Florida, mounted police are allowed to walk through certain shops and even bars.

This video shows a police horse (and his police officer rider) taking a stroll through Habibi's Hookah Bar (located on 7th Avenue in Ybor City). This bar, a tobacco cafe, has a joint covered promenade with Phat Katz Tattoo Parlor.


Doesn't this video beg a caption? How would you label this one?

* Don't Rock the Jukebox, as You Trot on By
* Excuse Me, But Were You Born in a Barn?
* Is It Just Me, or Is It Getting a Little Deep in Here?
* Stickler for Local Justice
* Police Horse Pick-Up Lines
* Trying to Curry Favor with the Locals?
*  Who Wants to Pony Up for the Next Round?

What captions can you suggest?

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