Hearing Heavy Horses

Hearing Heavy Horses

A friend wore a neat and nostalgic tee shirt (bearing this old Jethro Tull "Heavy Horses" album cover) to the barn yesterday - on a hot and muggy summer afternoon.

The thunder rumbled in the distance, as we watched a dark curtain of clouds coming in from the West. The young horses romped and ran in the far pasture, awaiting the wild weather to come.

Although most of the younger horses are half-Arabian sport horse, Quarabs (Quarter Horse/Arab crosses), half-Hackneys (Hackney/Arab crosses) and National Show Horses (Arab/Saddlebred crosses), their hoof beats added to the memory of this classic rock song.

What memories this evoked.

Do you love heavy horses? Have you ever ridden (or driven) a draft horse? What's your favorite heavy horse - the Belgian, the Clydesdale, the Percheron, the Shire or another?

Here's an oldie for heavy horse lovers. It's "Heavy Horses," by Jethro Tull.



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