Borrowed Phrasings

Borrowed Phrasings

I lost my dear mare a few days ago ... and I am (for once) without words.

Here are some classic borrowed phrasings, known as "The Rainbow Bridge for Horses."

Anyone who has ever said goodbye to a much-loved horse may be familiar with "The Rainbow Bridge for Horses," but the words may touch us all nonetheless. A friend included this sweet poem in a handwritten card, which touched my heart.

You can find the poem online and read it, if you wish.

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1 comment:

  1. Oh my dear!
    I am instantly teary and sorrowful in my heart for this news. Please know I am praying for your heart ache to soften and good memories and good tiding to flow instead.
    I am so sorry~
    I dare not your timing will be just that. I still can not talk about loosing my Elsie cat a couple months ago..and it makes me think of the wreak I shall be when My lovely mare is with her, and yours too.
    Oh, so sorry, really...((((hugs))))
    from me,



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