Snack Attack

Snack Attack

How do you feed your horse?

Do you ever feed treats to your horse by hand? Do you allow others to hand-feed treats to your horse?

This week, a teen at our barn was injured, while feeding a corn cob to her horse. Her docile grey Quarab (Quarter Horse x Arabian) began to choke on the corn cob, so she reached into his mouth to grab it. The horse bit down on the corn cob and his young owner’s hand, nearly severing one of her fingers.

A simple horse snack became a quick trip to the emergency room, where her broken finger was sewn up and splinted.

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Immediately, a barn-wide alert was issued, urging equestrians and visitors to feed treats in horse buckets only.

This is a warning much needed and well heeded.

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Although it may seem like fun to hand a carrot, a peppermint, a sugar cube, a ginger snap or an apple core to a beloved horse, the safer practice is simply to drop the snack into his bucket.

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  1. Oh Goodness! I do feed mine snacks by hand, but always with a flat hand, and I've had to reach in and grab things out of a mouth that didn't belong there, for instance, Miss Kola tends to grab up hoof clippings and try & chew on them, It's always a 2 man operation, though when retrieving it from her farrier & myself. I also had a pasky gelding once that snatched my watch off my wrist, again a 2 man operation to retrieve it, Good grief, hope the kid is ok!

  2. OH MY! I also give treats with a flat hand, but always cut the apples and carrots into pieces. Bless her heart hope shes ok?

  3. Yes, I do hope she's ok. Had a horse try to eat a clicker once - he spit it out pretty quickly though.



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