Halloween Horse Costuming

Will you and your horse participate in a Halloween fun show this fall? Need some costuming ideas?

Take a look at these informative online articles for ideas and how-to's for masquerading with your mare, gelding, stallion, filly, or colt.

Halloween and horses: Safety comes first with horse costuming
Many horse lovers enjoy dressing up in Halloween and themed costumes for such happenings, and some even decorate or costuming their horses. The secret is to keep things simple and safe.

7 fun and easy horse and rider costume ideas for Halloween or fun shows 
Creativity runs rampant for costume classes at equestrian fun shows, as well as barn Halloween parties. Frequently, the most memorable get-ups actually pair horse and human in complementary or matching outfits for these autumn holiday events.Ideally, the Halloween...

4 extra-easy ways to costume a horse for Halloween or fun shows
Costume classes are holiday highlights at equestrian fun shows and horse barn Halloween parties, among horse lovers of all ages. Riders or in-hand walkers and their horses may win ribbons or prizes, parading around merrily in their masqueraded splendor.

What creative costume ideas might equestrians choose for these fall horse-lover events? From simple to ornate, humorous to historical and easy to elegant, horse costumes can be fun to make or purchase.

Horse Halloween costumes for humans
Horse lovers’ calendars may fill up with Halloween horse shows, fun shows, masquerade parties and trick But what if a horse lover wants to dress up as a horse?
Photo c2009 by Nickers and Ink

Costuming with caution: 6 Halloween pet costume safety tips
Pet costumes can be fun and festive, but a few common-sense cautions can help keep both canines and felines safe during the trick or treating and other Halloween festivities. After all, no responsible pet owner wants to see Halloween turn into a genuine nightmare or an emergency veterinary hospital visit.

Here's a fun horse costuming video you might enjoy. 
Just saw this online. Check out the variety of costumes for horse and rider, as well as the assortment of interesting musical selections. Costumes include Native Dress for breed shows, as well as parade, Halloween and fun show options.



  1. The costumes are great, but I think my horses would probably freak out if I put all that material on them. Except maybe for Dusty who would of course dress as the princess she is!



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