Halloween Horse Costuming

Will you and your horse participate in a Halloween fun show this fall? Need some costuming ideas?

Photo c2009 by Nickers and Ink

How can you design a delightful Halloween or themed costume for your horse? Here are several helpful and practical pointers, including many simple equine costume ideas. CTRL-click on the title for more info:

Here's a fun horse costuming video you might enjoy. Just saw this online. Check out the variety of costumes for horse and rider, as well as the assortment of interesting musical selections. Costumes include Native Dress for breed shows, as well as parade, Halloween and fun show options.



  1. The costumes are great, but I think my horses would probably freak out if I put all that material on them. Except maybe for Dusty who would of course dress as the princess she is!



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