What's Your Favorite Horse-Related Music Video?

What's Your Favorite Horse-Related Music Video?

I'm not sure if this is my all-time favorite, but I really liked the movie (2006's Flicka, starring Maria Bellow, Alison Lohman and Tim McGraw), so let's start with this one. Here's Catherine Raney's version of "All the Pretty Little Ponies." This lullabye-like song may appeal to anyone who's dreamed of having a horse or pony.


In 1994, Kenny Loggins recorded the same song for his album, Return to Pooh Corner.

What's your favorite equine tune? Leave a comment with a title, artist, video link. Or leave a link to your own blog post, where you include your favorite horse-related music video.

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  1. great question.. hmmm my favorite horse related video is a U tube with Shetland ponies being ridden by the Calvary and the Indians..I will have to find it!




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