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Fresh Fodder

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My Guy –

A Simple List to Give the Gist

My favorite male is filled with charm.

I might tattoo him on my arm.

Why do I love him most, of course?

He bests all men, my little horse.

When e’re he sees me, he high-tails

To greet me and hear my regales.

Although he may not understand

He as a listener is grand.

No foul language does he speak,

Nor does his temper seem to pique.

Fidelity’s his strongest suit.

He’s gelded, so the point is moot.

Unlike most men a gal might know,

He cuddles with no quid pro quo.

This handsome one is strong and sure.

His macho ego is secure.

He smiles with ease for our close-ups

And never ever interrupts.

And with a little exercise,

This blessed beast may win a prize.

Of all the guys in all the earth,

One little horse renews his worth.

This bold bright equine is my dear.

As long as I shall have him here.

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  1. very nice....beautiful photo of you and your horse also....keep loving that horse and keep up the good words

  2. It's so encouraging to see someone love horses so strongly. Your words always pay tribute to them nicely.

    I read an article the other day I thought you might enjoy... here's the link

    "horses hair extensions"

  3. awww...that is so nice and your picture is really lovely.

  4. 'This bold bright equine is my dear.
    As long as I shall have him here.'

    This has a sense of the 19th century about it. I love the whole poem and the pictures - very beautiful.

  5. I really like this and the photo of you and your horse is so great!

  6. What a wonderful poem and beautiful horse. I enjoyed the read : )

  7. Lovely pictures Linda! how i envy you.



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