Derby Day 2009

Derby Day 2009

Who do you like for the 135th Kentucky Derby, to be held on Saturday, May 2nd at Churchill Downs, Kentucky? Wagering on the Kentucky Derby can be a puzzling proposition.

Try this 2009 Kentucky Derby word search puzzle (copyrighted and offered exclusively by The Mane Point), and see how you do. Can you complete the 2009 Kentucky Derby word search before post time on Saturday, May 2nd?

I W A N T R E V E N G E K K V X P Z Y S 
D I B K E D O P L U Y H Z I T V U R R P 
R H Y C J O I N I N T H E D A N C E X P 
I N D Y I A E I N R E B E D I S T S E W 
B Z N J S M I N E T H A T B I R D T Y F 
R C R C K X N B H Z X O V L A P K A H B 
E L H K Z W T B T B J E J U T S Y R O E 
M R H O T S T U F F R R Q S M T U Y L Q 
M F I B H C C H O C O L A T E C A N D Y 
U N A F B G X T R G A Y L D A W X Y M R 
S P W V N O W H E R E T O H I D E P E M 
S N N E I A T L E O V R O N M M V G B U 
N K Y K O P S N N F N A Q M D E A I A S 
N B R Y U Z E E O N J P E X I L R G C K 
F L Y I N G P R I V A T E R R C H M K E 
H N F K K Q K V P R W R P A Z A R I B T 
A R I A P N Z L S U F E N W A P U A J M 
D K C D S D U Y Y M M S E T V A J U I A 
E F N P D D O D L X O E D V G P G I Z N 


Kentucky Derby Items of Interest:

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Photo Finish

Exploring and explaining the meaning and importance of the photo finish in horse races.

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Explaining the history and significance of multi-colored jockey silks.

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A guide to the types of wagers one can make at the racetrack. Need a clear explanation of the pari-mutuel system of betting? Check here.

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Thoroughly Thrilling Thoroughbreds

What are the most memorable thoroughbred racehorses in the history of the Kentucky Derby?

Throw a First Class Kentucky Derby Party on a Budget

The Kentucky Derby is an annual party planner's dream come true. Annually, the Kentucky Derby rivals the Super Bowl as the most popular sports party day of the year. Here's how to throw a first-class Kentucky Derby party, while reining in the costs.

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Are you hosting a Kentucky Derby party this year? Where can you find super party supplies online for your Kentucky Derby Day event? Celebrate the Run for the Roses with supplies from these six super online Kentucky Derby party goods merchants.

Kentucky Derby Horse Racing Fans Go Green

Last year, for the first time in Kentucky Derby history, spectators and participants had an opportunity to recycle aluminum cans and plastic bottles for charity. The Race to Recycle program includes major corporate sponsors and the city of Louisville.

Big Brown Wins 134th Kentucky Derby

Big Brown boldly blasted from gate #20 into the fray, and he never looked back. The three-year-old thoroughbred won big at the 134th Kentucky Derby horse race, held on Saturday, May 3, 2008, at Churchill Downs, in Louisville, Kentucky.

Eight Belles Collapses After Kentucky Derby Horse Race

The Kentucky Derby finish on Saturday, May 3, 2008, was bittersweet for horse racing enthusiasts. Eight Belles, the only filly in this year's Kentucky Derby, finished a clear second and collapsed immediately after the horse race.

Racehorse Recovery

What happens when racehorses get injured?

Off Course – Haikus and Views on Race Course News

Eight Belles, the second-place finisher in the 2008 Kentucky Derby, collapsed during the gallop-out after the finish line and broke both front ankles. The filly was euthanized on the spot. This poem offers "Haikus and Views on Racetrack News."

Thoroughly Thoroughbreds - What's the Horse of Your Dreams?

Are all ex-racehorses hot-blooded speedsters? Can a track horse be trained for pleasure riding? Does a racing career destroy a horse for other uses? Here's why a thoroughbred may be just the horse for you!

Staying On-Track - On Playing the Racehorse Card:

". . . No choice controversial will trouble the herd. For who could erase a discouraging word? Injustice perceived is often believed. And justice enforced at the wire is absurd. . . ."

A Great Sport - Poetic Scan from a Loyal Fan

Who is my favorite athlete? Here's my great sport and MVP - Most Valuable Pony. Actually, he's not a pony at all. He's a 16-hand thoroughbred horse with a remarkable racing pedigree. His racing days are over . . . or are they?

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