Great Grulla Girl

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Great Grulla Girl

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Prompt questions (appearing in bold type) appear courtesy of Friday Fill-ins. My answers are in italics.

1. Give me another foal, and I'll be happy (as if I needed another horse).

2. Whenever I need to change the channel from life’s stresses, I head for the yearling pasture. Sometimes, I grab a shedder blade or curry comb on the way out there. In this merry milieu, I find instant unconditional acceptance and a surplus of joys.

As this photo of a Quarab Grulla reveals, many of these youngsters really need some spring cleaning. With warmer days, perhaps some of them will become acquainted with wash racks and hoses. In the meantime, a daily mud bath must suffice.

3. I wish I had the strength to ride a whole lot more.

4. Hot oatmeal with brown sugar was the last thing I ate that was utterly delicious. (Hey, it’s winter around here, after all.)

5. To live in this world is to dream of the next one. (Will horses have wings in Heaven? Will we be freed from the possibility of an unscheduled dismount?)

6. Other than this one, the Meme Express is the last blog I commented on.

7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to horseback riding. Tomorrow my plans include horseback riding, and Sunday, I want to go horseback riding!

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  1. I can not believe there are no "horse lover comments"!

    I've wanted a horse since I was a kid. I still hope to one day live on property that gives me the opportunity to ride him, (think I want a male) all day ;)

  2. Such beautiful horses need a voice in this world! I've passed on an award to you. Go to my blog to see what it is.



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